Soaking up the sun for a sustainable future: Solar Panels for Walker Filtration

Posted on September 13th, 2021

A recent installation of solar panels shows Walker Filtration’s commitment to creating a more sustainable future for the business and the local community.

With 18% of UK net carbon emissions in 2019 coming from UK businesses, the installation of 1630 solar panels at Walker Filtration’s headquarters in Washington, UK, begins the first phase of our program to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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Installed in March 2021 by Engenera, the solar installation covers both east facing gables. At the time of installation, it was estimated Walker Filtration would reduce our electricity usage by a massive 40%. Four months later, we are well on track to achieve this, with sunny days in the peak of summer showing between 60-70% reduction in electricity imported from the grid.

Since our energy dashboard went live in May, Walker Filtration have generated 365,690KwH of solar energy, totalling £23,321 in energy savings year to date.

Data shows on the 16th July alone, we generated 2392.27kWh and only consumed 68% of that. Meaning we were able to give 766kWh (32% of what we generated) back to the grid.

With a continued sense of pride in our heritage and communities, we are passionate about positively contributing to our society and ensuring a more sustainable future for the people and the environment. Following the success of the solar installation, we are also looking to implement a similar project at our US office to maximise reduction of our carbon footprint as a Group.

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Stuart Wilson, Walker Filtration’s Safety and Facilities Officer, was responsible for overseeing the solar installation.


Steve Bittle, Walker Filtration Group General Manager commented, “Considering energy usage from our operations and how we can reduce our impact on the environment is an important aspect of our strategic plan.

Our dedication to energy efficient products and processes is a driving force behind the ambitious sustainability goals we have for our business. This is just the start of Walker Filtration’s investment in a sustainable future.”

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