Gender Pay Gap Report

In line with government guidelines, welcome to Walker Filtration’s gender pay gap report. As a business we support Gender Pay Reporting and are committed to ensuring that all employees are treated equally. Our aim is to create a workplace that promotes and embraces the diversity of our employees as well as supporting them to achieve their own professional goals whilst adding value to our overall business performance. We have many talented colleagues, and we aim to attract greater numbers of women and other under-represented groups to Walker Filtration to ensure our workforce is reflective of the diversity in our Global customer base.

Our employees are our most valuable resource. It is they who, with innovation, knowledge, and commitment, will continue to drive the business forward. We are therefore committed to embracing differences in our people and to ensuring our employees can flourish, irrespective of gender. Walker Filtration’s values create a culture of inclusion and encourage diversity of thinking and we encourage all our employees to live by our values in their daily work.

We strive to be an inclusive place to work and recognise gender diversity is key to our future and long term success.

You can download a copy of our Gender Pay gap report here :Gender Pay Gap Report 2022