PRODRY Desiccant Dryers PD0046 - PD0360


    Updated with the latest technology and performance enhancing features, models PD0046 to PD0360 are among the most economical and efficient desiccant dryers on the market today.

    Larger flow models incorporate new and enhanced features that deliver significant advantages over the competition in terms of performance and reliability.  Improvements include enhanced desiccant bed, a smaller and more compact design, improved performance, dramatically reduced service and installation time, and the option to upgrade the standard LED controller to a DMC controller – offering multi-dewpoint selection, purge control, and delivering up to 81% increase in operating efficiencies. All models carry an IP protection rating of IP65.

    Standard pressure dewpoint
    -40°C* -40°F*
    Optional pressure dewpoint
    -74°C** -100°F**
    Electronic control (LED)
    115 or 230 VAC at 50-60 Hz
    Dewpoint control (DMC)
    Minimum inlet temperature
    1.5°C 35°F
    Maximum inlet temperature
    50°C 122°F
    Minimum working pressure
    4 barg 58 psig
    Maximum working pressure
    13 barg 188.5 psig

    *ISO Class 2 (ISO 8573-1:2010) **ISO Class 1 (ISO 8573-1: 2010)

The Ultimate in Filtration Performance

Compact Design

With a 15% reduction in size, PRODRY models offer significant space saving advantages – allowing for more flexible installation.

Energy Efficient Design

PRODRY’s standard LED Controller includes in-built energy management and an external pressure switch which can be linked to processor energy management contacts-isolating the purge flow during periods of low demand.

Optional DMC Control

By upgrading to full Dewpoint Management Control (DMC), dryer regeneration can be synchronised to compressed air demand, delivering optimised performance efficiencies and significant cost savings.

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