CondenSmart High Pressure Timer Drain

The Walker Filtration CondenSmart High Pressure Timer Drain is engineered to direct a heavy flow of oil-concentrated condensate away from the compressed air stream through a timed series of valve openings. This specially designed device is ideal in systems with high pressure ratings from 30 bar (435 psi) to 400 bar (5801 psi).

The internal solenoid valve is connected to a digital timer, ensuring that condensate can efficiently pass through the drain while preventing significant compressed air loss. Once the device’s time intervals are coordinated with the flow rates of the compressor system, the CondenSmart High Pressure Timer Drain’s function becomes fully automated. Combined with a large discharge outlet that prevents blockages and enables consistent drainage, the need for external maintenance becomes minimal – creating a truly user-oriented device.

The CondenSmart High Pressure Timer Drain boasts a wide range of adaptable features to meet the needs of the global condensate management market. The drain is supplied with a Type-A connector (DIN43650A ISO 440/6952) that allows for quick electrical connection with a number of outlets. The device also includes both NPT and GAS connections to suit various international voltage rates.2

Wide range of adaptable features to meet and exceed the needs of the global condensate management market



    Coordinating the drain’s flow rates with the compressor’s operating and climate conditions reduces the energy costs associated with compressed air leaks during production.

    The drain operation panel includes Timer-On and Timer-Off buttons that allow users to find the optimal valve opening rate for their condensate flow.

    LED lights indicate proper drain operation and notify users of potential device malfunctions and maintenance requirements, reducing the need for outsourced servicing.

    Users can check simple valve functioning and drain condensate manually using the Test button.

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