Meet The Team

Stephen Bittle

General Manager

General Manager Stephen Bittle is responsible for the strategy, planning and management of all Walker Filtration Group divisions, driving the full potential of the business and product development in line with customer needs.

A Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of experience dedicated to developing innovative products in the air and gas filtration industry, Steve has been an integral part of the Senior Management Team at Walker Filtration for the past five years, having joined the Group in 2016 as Chief Design Officer. Steve is instrumental in delivering market leading products, built in collaboration with our customers to ensure that they are unique to their market requirements.

Simon Wise

Vacuum Business Development Lead

Vacuum Business Development Lead Simon Wise spearheads the Vacuum business unit at Walker Filtration, working in collaboration with our OEM customers to support their global distribution channels.

Simon has worked in the filtration market for over 28 years, leading commercial and engineering departments that serve international markets and standards. A Chartered Engineer, Simon is a nominated BSI UK expert and member of various ISO committees for standards development for medical gas and compressed air.

Simon is meticulous in his approach to all aspects of business, customer confidentiality and delivering high quality products and levels of service for our customers.

Lisa Davies

Group Human Resource Lead

Group Human Resource Lead Lisa Davies heads up the recruitment and people service functions at Walker Filtration. Lisa boasts over 25 years of Human Resource experience in the Manufacturing, Legal, Logistics and Transport sectors. A member of the Chartered Institute of People Development, Lisa is experienced in building high performing teams and environments driven through business change projects.

Lisa and her team are dedicated to delivering our business strategy through the acquisition and retention of highly skilled, committed and customer focused people that are the cornerstone of Walker Filtration.

Neil Wrigglesworth

Compressed Air and Gas Treatment Business Development Lead

Neil heads up our Compressed Air and Gas Treatment (CAGT) business unit at Walker Filtration, leading the commercial team with a view to strategically developing and maximising our market position. Neil is responsible for devising future growth strategy, identifying new business opportunities and contributing to new product development.

With over 20 years international sales and managerial experience in several global businesses, Neil is well-versed with the requirements of managing a diverse commercial team and creating effective sales channels. A natural facilitator with a strong focus on the customer, Neil is a champion of building meaningful and sustainable partnerships that drive forward business growth and success.

Peter Cottle

Head of Supply Chain and Logistics

Peter oversees all Supply Chain and Logistics activities for Walker Filtration, leading his team in the continued and ongoing development of our global sourcing strategy, procurement and logistics processes – ultimately, allowing us to better serve our customers.

A Member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, Peter has significant experience across all areas of the supply chain, and has a total of 15 years experience in the Compressed Air and Gas Industry. He is passionate about building a resilient and agile supply chain to support our customers and business.

Johan Forstrop

Group Business Controller

Group Business Controller, Johan Forstorp, leads groupwide finance at Walker Filtration, as well as overseeing IT and Corporate Governance matters.

With over 16 Years of international experience in finance and controlling in manufacturing and customer center settings, Johan has a wealth of knowledge in how businesses operate and is an expert in helping them achieve their full potential.

Adaptable, considered, and with an eye for detail, Johan is skilled at quickly understand the ‘big picture’ and is passionate about empowering both people and businesses to develop and grow.

Michael Thompson

Chief Design Officer

Chief Design Officer Michael Thompson plays a crucial role in delivering our strategic growth plan. Responsible for leading all aspects of the engineering team, Michael’s primary focus is to drive the company’s engineering strategy, research and development, and new product introduction.

Michael brings 20 years of technical experience in various sectors to the company. Accustomed to leading large engineering teams and delivering complex projects, Michael and his team are dedicated to producing high standard engineering initiatives.

Chris Downes

Head of SHEQ

Head of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, Chris Downes provides a clear vision for the SHEQ function and ensures there are effective strategies and processes in place to meet business objectives and operational needs whilst driving a strong safety and quality culture.

Chris brings over 17 years of engineering / quality experience having worked in a wide range of environments and roles. Chris and his team are committed to ensuring high standards. Dedicated to his role, Chris strives to maintain a safe and high-quality workplace for all.

Chris Willoughby

Head of Operations

Head of Operations, Chris Willoughby, will steer the group towards operational excellence – overseeing all aspects of product quality, cost and delivery to ensure optimisation of production levels and the maximisation of operational efficiency.

Chris brings over 20 years of operations experience, boasting a Six Sigma Black Belt for Process Improvement. Chris is also a chartered Engineer and holds a masters from Durham University’s School of Engineering. This high-level of experience will be a crucial tool for providing a clear road map for the Operations function of Walker Filtration.