Air Oil Separators

Walker Filtration is a world-leading manufacturer of oil separator elements (oil mist filters) for use in oil lubricated vacuum pumps and compressors. Manufacturing in excess of 1 million oil separator elements (OSEs) each year for use across a wide range of industries and applications, Walker Filtration’s oil mist separator and coalescing technology uses specialised materials that enable the most stringent of performance specifications to be achieved for both general and special applications including those requiring ATEX approval and certification.

As an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) specialising on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) design and development, we are the long term partner of choice for industry leading blue-chip vacuum pump and compressor manufacturers worldwide. We specialise in innovative award-winning design, development, manufacture and supply logistics and our products are designed to offer the best performance in a range of applications including industrial, laboratory, and medical.


Our dedicated in-house testing facility utilising state-of-the-art testing techniques and equipment allows Walker Filtration to guarantee unrivalled performance.


We are a world-leading manufacturer of vacuum pump separators

We manufacture Vacuum pump separators that are installed directly into the exhaust box of the vacuum pump to recirculate oil mist from the exhaust air, therefore removing all visible mist or smoke. The oil is coalesced from the air and recycled by the pump to reduce cost.

Unique custom developed filtration media

A vast range of separators are available and can be designed to meet individual custom specifications. This could include allowing for electrical conductivity or using a custom and specialist media.

Performance validated across all operating conditions

The highest quality components are researched, designed, tested and validated to ensure performance levels are not only maintained but also enhanced.