Supplier Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Our supplier’s attention is particularly drawn to the provisions of clause

18. Agreement Documents This Purchase Order (PO) and related Terms & Conditions is the only valid agreement between Walker Filtration and Vendor relating to the products and services ordered through this PO. Only a signed contract between Walker Filtration and Vendor supersedes any of the Terms & Conditions contained in this document. Any other document (e.g. Vendor’s quote or acknowledgement) will not be considered as a valid agreement. The Vendor shall accept and approve our conditions of purchase contained herein.

18.1 Prices If the PO does not include pricing, the price for the products or services provided will be Vendor’s lowest prevailing market price for such products or services. All goods should be packed and delivered Free of Charge, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Prices charged must be strictly in accordance with the PO.

18.2 Invoicing Documents Vendor is responsible to include the PO reference code of this Purchase Order on all related invoicing & consignment documents. Invoices not including the PO reference will not be paid; any penalties as a result of this will be at Vendor’s expense.

18.3 Sub-contracting Vendor must not sub-contract the work attached to this order without Walker Filtration’s written authorization.

18.4 Consignment Each consignment must be accompanied by a delivery note including details of Walker Filtration’s PO reference, descriptions & dispatch date.

18.5 Payment Terms The payment terms are net 60 days after receipt of Vendor’s valid invoice or after receipt of the products or services, whichever is later.

18.6 Acceptance Payment does not imply acceptance of products or services. if products or services do not comply with Walker Filtration’s acceptance criteria, Walker Filtration may: – reject/return products or services (at Vendor’s expense). If the related invoice was paid by Walker Filtration, a refund will be requested. Require Vendor to repair or replace such products or re-perform such services at no extra cost and in a timely manner. All goods/services should be in accordance with the specifications of Walker Filtration’s order and capable of satisfying our requirements as communicated. The Vendor shall not refuse to receive a complaint even after the goods/services have been put into use. Walker Filtration’s acceptance of the delivered product/service is a pre-requisite to claim the invoice payment.

18.7 Imports and Exports Vendor will comply with all import and export laws. Vendor will also comply with all administrative requirements and pay for all applicable fees, duties and taxes associated with the import or export of products (e.g. recycling, environmental, safety, … requirements).

At Walker Filtration, we pride ourselves on compliant and transparent practices.