Graduate Engineer welcomed back to Walker Filtration in permanent role

Posted on November 5th, 2018

Walker Filtration have expanded our Technical Team in our UK headquarters, following the retention of Ryan Jefferson, who recently completed our graduate development scheme. The two-year programme provides the opportunity for graduates to rotate through departments and acquire a range of skills and experience. Ryan joined the company in December 2016 and on completion of the scheme in October 2018, Walker Filtration were thrilled to offer him a permanent position in the team as a Design Engineer.

This week, we caught up with Ryan to find out about his experience of the programme.

What does your new role entail?

As a Design Engineer, I design parts for manufacture, create engineering drawings, perform calculations to prove the integrity of parts and give support to the shop floor with regards to BOM’s and product queries.

What has been the most exciting project that you’ve worked on during the graduate scheme?

I was very lucky to have worked on a variety of projects within the graduate scheme. The most exciting project involved designing new components to expand the PRO XF filter range; this was my first real design project within the organisation and it allowed me to apply my knowledge of design to create initial ideas, approve the design, and ultimately create the part.

What have been the main challenges of completing the graduate scheme?

Having to go into all the key departments in the organisation was a challenge, as it put me into departments where I had no previous experience. I had to quickly pick up what the department’s key input was to the business and assist them in achieving their objectives. The three-month placements usually consisted of a main project that the department leader had set, as well as helping with the day to day actions of the department.

How did you decide which department was the right one for you at the end of the scheme?

Due to previous experience, I knew that design was something that I wanted to do and at the end of the programme I was offered a role in the design department, which I jumped at the chance to take. The team made me feel extremely welcome and I was thrilled that the department felt I would be a good addition to the team.

What are the most valuable skills you’ve gained during the graduate scheme?

Working in various departments quickly provided me with a holistic view of the business. This has been invaluable when communicating with colleagues, as I now know exactly where to go to find out information, having been on the opposite side of the question I am asking.

What advice would you give to future graduates?

I think it’s important to move through all the departments with an open mind and ask always questions. The rotations will provide you with a unique experience of the business and it’s an opportunity to be grabbed with both hands.

Interested in finding out more about our graduate scheme? Contact to find out more about our current and upcoming opportunities.

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