Walker Filtration Inc. Celebrates 20 Years of Operation in the United States

Posted on August 5th, 2021

Walker Filtration Inc., the American division of Walker Filtration Ltd. located in Erie, Pennsylvania, is celebrating its 20th anniversary and its success as a leader in the filtration, vacuum and drying industries.

In 2001, Walker Filtration Ltd., a UK based company, decided to expand operations into the USA. Starting in Erie, Pennsylvania with only two employees and a 4,600 square foot facility, the US location has grown substantially and is now the largest division within the Walker Filtration group. Since its humble beginnings, Walker Filtration Inc. has been dedicated to serving the local and global filtration markets within the United States, Mexico, Central and South America.

The company plans to mark this important milestone with a week-long celebration for employees. Events will include a presentation by the senior management team and global colleagues, food trucks, staff recognition and service awards.

Richard P. Taylor, General Manager and President of Walker Filtration Inc. states, “This is an exciting milestone to be celebrating. I have been with the division since the very beginning and its growth is entirely due to the team efforts of our dedicated employees and the loyalty of our customers. Many of the customers who started with us on day one are still with us on year twenty. I am exceptionally proud of this long tradition of customer satisfaction which is an incredible testament to the high-quality products and support we provide. Moreover, I am also very proud of Walker Filtration Inc.’s growth over the past two decades and see a very bright future ahead for the division.”

About Walker Filtration

Walker Filtration Inc. is the American Division of Walker Filtration. Walker Filtration’s corporate headquarters are located in Washington, England. Walker Filtration is an established and recognized leader in advanced filtration, drying and separation technology. As a pioneer in the industry, Walker Filtration serves over 100 countries worldwide with locations in Europe, United States, Asia and Australia. Walker Filtration is dedicated to offering unique design, exceptional engineering and manufacturing excellence.

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