Walker Filtration Pty

Walker Filtration Pty is located in Melbourne, Victoria and became part of the Group in 1994.

Headquarters for the ANZ region, the 11,000 sq ft (1000 m2) Melbourne, Victoria site is located next to Melbourne Airport, the second busiest in Australia and a short 10 miles (7 kilometers) north-west of Melbourne’s central business district. The site exports and consults closely through its team of experts with customers across Australia, New Zealand, and neighboring Pacific islands.

Contact Us:

Walker Filtration Pty
16-18 Lindon Court
Victoria, 3043
Tel: +61 (0)3 9330 4144
Email: sales@walkerfiltration.com.au

Benefiting from excellent transport links, Walker Filtration Pty is located 5 miles (25 kilometers) from Melbourne Airport and 14 miles (22 kilometers) from Webb Dock in the Port of Melbourne.

Tullamarine, Melbourne, Australia, 37° 42′ 39.672” S, 144° 51′ 6.264” E

ISO Certified
CRN Approved