CondenSmart Mechanical Float Drain

The Walker Filtration CondenSmart Mechanical Float Drain offers a simplified and effective solution to eliminating compressed air loss during the condensate treatment process.

The drain eliminates compressed air loss through its internal float valve that automatically opens and closes when condensate is present within the device. Its low operating pressure and gravitational discharge makes it an energy efficient option for a variety of compressed air and condensate management systems.

No configuration or testing is required with the CondenSmart Mechanical Float Drain, making it a quick and simple process to install and allowing the system to operate automatically. Because no power source is required for the device’s operation, the drain is a safe option for systems that cannot support additional power sources or where device exposure could cause malfunction.

Eliminating compressed air loss during the condensate treatment process.



    For extra condensate purification, the device features a small internal strainer that prevents large, solid contaminants from disrupting condensate or compressed air flow. The manual exhaust can be manually opened to relieve condensate from the drain and verify overall valve function.

    Available with an existing ½” female connection and a ½” male connection inlet adapter, the device can be securely installed in existing condensate management systems.

    With an operating pressure of 10 bar (145 psi) and its stainless-steel float handles, the CondenSmart Mechanical Float Drain can effectively handle a heavy flow of oil-contaminated condensate.


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