CondenSmart Vacuum Drain

Enhance your vacuum drainage system with the Walker Filtration CondenSmart Vacuum Drain. A specialized solution to condensate management in vacuum systems, the CondenSmart Vacuum Drain prevents contaminants from entering the compressed air stream.

The device mimics the pressure conditions within the vacuum application, allowing condensate to drain into the receiver. Once the increase in pressure is detected by the receiver, the 5/2 valve opens to relieve the accumulated condensate.

Maintaining a maximum flow performance of over 15 gal/hr, this Vacuum Drain can accommodate vacuum systems with a variety of flow rates and performance conditions.

In the event that condensate is not discharged, the Vacuum Drain triggers a series of forced drains in an attempt to remove this condensate. A red LED light on the control panel will flash throughout this sequence, and an alert signal will be triggered.

A specialized solution to condensate management in vacuum systems



    With several easy-to-read external gauges, a user-friendly control panel complete with LED service lights, and an external ball valve for manual condensate testing and discharge, the CondenSmart Vacuum Drains are designed for simple maintenance and system integration.

    A self-sufficient and automatic drain allows for less time and money spent on maintaining device operation.

    IP65 Protection Class prevents damage from a wide range of contaminants, including dust, mineral and synthetic oil, water, and other non-corrosive materials.

    Keep energy and operational costs low with only 4 VA of power consumption used during the draining process.

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