Silicone Free Filters

Walker Filtration’s Silicone Free Filters provide exceptional air quality for applications where silicone-free air is required to protect your end products.

High quality silicone-free air is essential for applications such as those where contamination can significantly impact the quality and finish of the end product such as in automotive, fabrication and aeronautical industries where paint spraying is used, and in electronics manufacturing.

Although standard compressed air filters offer exceptional efficiencies in water vapor, oil aerosol and dust particulate removal, they still have the potential to release silicone into the air stream due to the components, lubricants, and processes used during manufacturing. For example, in paint spraying silicone contamination can manifest itself through the formation of blisters, craters, or loss of adhesion. It can severely impact productivity, profitability and the overall efficiency for any operational industrial paint departments. This is why it is essential to use specialist Silicone Free Filters in applications that require silicone-free air.

Walker Filtration’s high quality Silicone Free Filters are manufactured in a controlled environment to ensure that silicone is not present on components or introduced into your compressed air system. Choose Walker Filtration’s Silicone Free Filters today and safeguard your end product and manufacturing equipment by preventing moisture, oil vapour and particulate from entering your compressed air system.


Protect your manufacturing equipment from silicone contamination with Alpha Silicone Free Filters


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