Supplier Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The below outlines our Supplier purchase order Terms and Conditions:

Agreement Documents

This Purchase Order (PO) and related Terms & Conditions is the only valid agreement between Walker Filtration and Vendor relating to the products and services ordered through this PO. Only a signed contract between Walker Filtration and Vendor supersedes any of the Terms & Conditions contained in this document. Any other document (e.g. Vendor’s quote or acknowledgement) will not be considered as a valid agreement. The Vendor shall accept and approve our conditions of purchase contained herein.


If the PO does not include pricing, the price for the products or services provided will be Vendor’s lowest prevailing market price for such products or services. All goods should be packed and delivered Free of Charge, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Prices charged must be strictly in accordance with the PO.

Invoicing Documents

Vendor is responsible to include the PO reference code of this Purchase Order on all related invoicing & consignment documents. Invoices not including the PO reference will not be paid; any penalties as a result of this will be at Vendor’s expense.


Vendor must not sub-contract the work attached to this order without Walker Filtration’s written authorization.


Each consignment must be accompanied by a delivery note including details of Walker Filtration’s PO reference, descriptions & dispatch date.

Payment Terms

The payment terms are net 30 days after receipt of Vendor’s valid invoice or after receipt of the products or services, whichever is later.


Payment does not imply acceptance of products or services. if products or services do not comply with Walker Filtration’s acceptance criteria, Walker Filtration may: – reject/return products or services (at Vendor’s expense). If the related invoice was paid by Walker Filtration, a refund will be requested. Require Vendor to repair or replace such products or re-perform such services at no extra cost and in a timely manner. All goods/services should be in accordance with the specifications of Walker Filtration’s order and capable of satisfying our requirements as communicated. The Vendor shall not refuse to receive a complaint even after the goods/services have been put into use. Walker Filtration’s acceptance of the delivered product/service is a pre-requisite to claim the invoice payment.

Imports and Exports

Vendor will comply with all import and export laws. Vendor will also comply with all administrative requirements and pay for all applicable fees, duties and taxes associated with the import or export of products (e.g. recycling, environmental, safety, … requirements).

Risk of Loss or Damage

Vendor holds the responsibility of risk of loss or damage until products purchased under this PO have been delivered and accepted by Walker Filtration at the location specified in the PO. Walker Filtration should be notified by Vendor in case Vendor will not be able to comply with the delivery date specified in this PO. If Vendor fails to deliver on time, Walker Filtration may purchase replacements elsewhere. If so, Vendor will be liable for costs Walker Filtration incurs, unless agreed upon in writing by Walker Filtration.

Ownership of Products

All products provided to & accepted by Walker Filtration under this PO will be the personal property of Walker Filtration. The products and services developed within Walker Filtration making use of the products & services ordered under this PO will be the personal property of Walker Filtration.

Social & Environmental Management

Vendor will comply with Social & Environmental requirements and must respect health & safety in the working environment. By preference Vendor should set relevant social, environmental, health & safety goals and measure its performance to meet these goals. Vendor should also encourage its suppliers to set such requirements. Vendor will also observe the principles of UN initiatives, specifically those concerning safeguarding human rights at an international level, the right to collective negotiation, the abolition of forced and child labour, eliminating discrimination when hiring employees, environmental responsibility and prevention of corruption. Vendor should by preference be ISO14001 certified.

Modern Slavery

Walker Filtration is committed in undertaking efforts aimed at ensuring there is no human trafficking or slavery of any form in our supply chain. We realise that slavery and human trafficking can occur in many forms, such as forced labour, child labour, domestic servitude, sex trafficking, and workplace abuse. Vendors will undertake the same efforts within their own business and their supply chain in accordance with Walker Filtration’s Modern Slavery Statement. Walker Filtration will conduct Supplier Assessments /Supplier Audits as an integral part to our Supplier Management Process.


Vendor shall take out and maintain an employer’s liability insurance. Such insurance shall be extended to indemnify Walker Filtration against all claims for death or injury of the Vendor’s employees, or any third party.

Intellectual Property

Walker Filtration will receive all rights and licenses necessary for Walker Filtration and its affiliates to properly use products and services ordered with this PO.


If Walker Filtration decides to cancel a PO, Walker Filtration will pay Vendor for Vendor’s actual expenses for activities which have been correctly completed on the date of cancellation (such payment will never exceed the agreed upon prices).

Right to Audit

Walker Filtration may audit Vendor’s documentation and procedures relating to any charges paid by Walker Filtration in connection with this PO. Vendor should by preference be ISO9001 certified.

Applicable Laws

In case of dispute country where Walker Filtration is located, this law will be applicable.

At Walker Filtration, we pride ourselves on compliant and transparent practices.