Compressed Air and Gas Alternative Elements

The Ultimate in Filtration Performance

Unrivalled Experience

Our in-house knowledge means we can readily identify the replacement element you need, with comprehensive cross reference capabilities.

Corrosion Resistant

End Caps are injection molded from glass-filled nylon then bonded to the filter core with a quick setting two-part polyurethane potting resin for maximum strength.

Custom Engineered

Borosilicate Microfibre Glass high-quality filter material withstands high temperatures, is completely inert, and is immune to degradation.

Robust Design

Stainless Steel perforated support cylinders, twice as strong as galvanized steel, can withstand 100 psi (7 bar) in either direction.

Quality Control

Full traceability is provided by ink jet marking specific manufacturing codes on every filter element complying with our ISO 9001 manufacturing procedures.

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