Meet The Team

Simon Taylor

General Manager

Simon Taylor, formerly the General Sales Manager, is responsible for all divisional activities within the United States, Mexico, Central and South America. A natural leader, he will be responsible for managing the division’s growing staff of 30 employees. As a dynamic sales and technical professional with over 24 years’ experience, Simon has a strong background in thinking creatively to provide innovative solutions to generate new business opportunities and resolve complex challenges.

Simon joined Walker Filtration Inc. in 2009 and has played a vital role in the expansion of Walker Filtration, Inc. in the US marketplace by placing his customer service focus at the forefront of his business strategy.

Molly Spaeder

Group Marketing Manager

Group Marketing Manager, Molly Spaeder, is responsible for developing marketing strategies, cultivating client relationships and expanding the market share of Walker Filtration Group. With over ten years of experience in the Marketing and Business Development department at Walker Filtration Inc., Molly has a thorough understanding of the brand’s presence and customers across the globe.

In addition to her career experience in strategic market development, Molly holds an MBA from Gannon University.

The primary focus of Molly and team is to build dynamic customer relationships and collaborate with customers on market initiatives and growth strategies.

James Zaczyk

Operations Manager

Operations Manager, James Zaczyk, leads all Supply Chain, Quality and Operational functions at Walker Filtration Inc. which services over 600 customers throughout the United States, Mexico, Central and South America. James has an extensive background in operations prior to joining the team at Walker Filtration.

In his role at Walker Filtration, James aims to use his industry experience to identify opportunities for sustainable growth within the company while expanding his knowledge of the filtration industry. Overall, James is focused on providing world-class customer service, developing empowered staff, and driving efficiency through continuous improvement.

Benjamin Laiweneek

Senior Sales Manager

Senior Sales Manager, Benjamin Laiweneek, is responsible for divisional sales activities in the distribution and OEM markets performed by Walker Filtration Inc.

Ben has been a member of Walker Filtration Inc.’s sales team since 2019, starting with the company as the Distribution Sales Manager. Including his experience at Walker, he boasts an 18 year history in the compressed air and gas industry, 12 of which have been in sales and leadership positions.

He has been a critical member of our sales team thanks to his knowledge of our products and his openness to lead and learn from others. Ben’s passion for customer service combined with his extensive industry knowledge will bring fresh, customer-oriented business solutions that help improve the overall functioning of the sales team.

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