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The Ultimate Filtration & Drying Technology

Serving a global market, Walker Filtration designs, develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality Compressed Air, Gas Filtration and Drying solutions for a wide range of industrial and medical applications. With a diverse product range that includes Compressed Air, Gas and Vacuum Filter Housings, Vacuum Air / Oil Separators, Medical Sterile Filters, Original and Alternative Elements and Desiccant Dryers; whatever your requirement – we have a solution.

Global Experience

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, and with divisions internally in the USA, Australia and Japan, we are well placed to serve the international market place and export to 100+ countries worldwide.

Tailored Solutions for OEM Customers

We are trusted partners of choice for our OEM clients, distributors, and end users and we work hard to understand our customers needs. Whether our customers require high quality, reliable and economical replacement elements, or a unique custom-built solution tailored to their needs, Walker Filtration deliver the ultimate filtration and drying solutions every time.

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