Walker Filtration expand Alternative Element range with launch of Beko Clearpoint 3eco Filter Elements

Posted on July 4th, 2022

Walker Filtration’s comprehensive range of economical replacement elements has been expanded, with the introduction of new alternative push-fit elements for the Beko Clearpoint range (models S040 to M032).


The replacement elements for the Beko Clearpoint range provide a cost-effective, reliable, and energy-efficient alternative filter element that is guaranteed to perform equal to or better than the OEM original part.

Manufactured using the highest quality materials, and utilising our custom engineered borosilicate pleated filter media, our Alternative Beko Clearpoint elements offer improved separation rates, high dirt loading capacities and optimum filtration efficiencies with ultra-low differential pressures. The Beko Clearpoint alternative range provides high quality performance that is fully validated in accordance with ISO 12500-1, ISO 12500-2, and ISO 12500-3.

Beko performance data


The Beko Clearpoint Alternative Filter Element has unique location legs on the bottom end cap which help stabilise the element and create a void for condensation to collect between the element and the base of the housing.

The range covers C, G, F, S and A graes and, with our vast in-house knowledge and comprehensive cross reference capabilities,  we can readily identify the replacement elements you need.

For more information, download our Beko Clearpoint 3eco Datasheet, contact us directly on +44 (0)191 417 7816 or Make an Enquiry today.


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