Walker Filtration Completes Acquisition of SCB Srl

Posted on March 2nd, 2022

Walker Filtration is pleased to announce that SCB S.r.l. Will be joining the Walker Filtration Group.

SCB, a privately owned company located in Northern Italy, is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of condensate drains for the industrial market. The product they manufacture includes energy saving electronical drains, mechanical drains, timer drains and level control drain systems for compressed air. Following the announcement of the acquisition on March 2, 2022, SCB will become part of the Walker Filtration Group.

Walker Filtration Group General Manager, Steve Bittle, commented,

“SCB has a highly qualified, innovative workforce and values that align strongly with our own. We are excited to have the incredible people of SCB join the Walker Filtration team and are confident that, through this acquisition, we will further strengthen and accelerate Walker Filtration as a leader in the manufacture and design of advanced compressed air and gas purification solutions.”

The acquisition of SCB will allow Walker Filtration to extend the range of condensate management products in our portfolio and deliver a more comprehensive product offering to our customers. It will also enable us to capitalize on new opportunities for growth and future innovation.

We look forward to what the future holds with SCB as part of the Walker Filtration Group.

For more information on SCB please visit their website: SCB

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