Walker Filtration Introduces New Condensate Management Line

Posted on May 26th, 2022

Walker Filtration is proud to announce the addition of the CondenSmart Drain Series to its product portfolio. The CondenSmart Drain Series is the first phase of Walker Filtration’s new condensate management product extension. The line includes electronic zero-loss drains, vacuum drains, a mechanical float drain, and standard and high-pressure timer drains.

With a variety of flow rates to match a compressor’s air flow, the CondenSmart Drain Series seamlessly integrates into new and existing condensate management systems. Each model has the capability to reduce or eliminate compressed air loss during condensate processing while preventing any condensate from entering the compressed air stream.

Manufactured to the highest of production standards, Walker Filtration aims to provide dependable and efficient solutions to condensate management. As the company continues growing across all fronts, Walker Filtration sees our new condensate management line as an opportunity to support the needs of our customers and expand our existing product offering in the air and gas market.

Group General Manager, Stephen Bittle commented,

“This is an important addition to Walker Filtration’s product portfolio, allowing us to deliver a more comprehensive offering to our customers.

I’m pleased to say this is just the start! At Walker Filtration, we commit to developing innovative products, and our CondenSmart drain line is the first in a range of new introductions planned.”

For more information on Walker Filtration’s Condensate Management range view our product pages here, or contact us directly at +1 (814) 836 2900 or sales@walkerfiltration.com.

Walker Filtration is an established and recognized leader in the compressed air and gas technology industry. Dedicated to providing world class customer service alongside premium products, Walker Filtration serves over 100 countries across the world, with office locations in Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan.

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