Walker Filtration Introduces a Safe and Reliable Oxygen Filtration Solution

Walker Filtration’s latest product release sees addition to our technical gas filtration solutions – Alpha Series Oxygen Filters.

Posted on November 1st, 2021

High quality filtration for oxygen gas generation is essential, not only in ensuring the delivery of reliable compressed air and gas in line with purity standards, but also for protecting the integrity and safety of gas generation systems. Building on our exceptional Alpha Series filters, our new Oxygen rated specialist gas filters are expertly engineered for use in both Medical applications and in Industrial oxygen-enriched environments.

By combining market leading Alpha filtration technology with specialized cleaning methods, Walker Filtration’s Alpha Oxygen filters provide reliable, high-quality air, pre- and post-oxygen generators, in line with the ASTM G93/G93M standard. Our Alpha Series Oxygen Filters are available in both Coalescing and Particulate (dust) filtration grades from 5 – 0.01 micron. As well as Medical Sterile filtration that exceeds the requirements of HTM 02-01 medical pipeline systems.

This comprehensive range provides reliable filtration in line with purity standards required in both industrial and medical oxygen production. Suitable for worldwide installation, our Alpha Oxygen Filters are available in flow rates up to 2422 SCFM (1536 Nmᶟ/hr), and NPT, RP (BSP Parallel) and Rc (BSP Taper) threaded connections from 1/8” to 3”.

We also offer custom branding options, helping to create a bespoke solution that seamlessly integrates into your gas generation system and ensures brand consistency. Our expert sales and marketing teams can work with you to create unique part numbers, branding, and labeling – helping you to more effectively capture your aftermarket sales.

Whatever your oxygen generation setup – Walker Filtration’s advanced housing features and market leading element performance provides complete peace of mind, with a clean and reliable specialist solution.

For more information on Walker Filtration’s Alpha Oxygen filters view our product pages here, or contact us directly at USA@walkerfiltration.com.

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