Walker Filtration Inc. President and General Manager, Richard P. Taylor, Retires

A Statement on Behalf of the Walker Filtration Group

Posted on March 25th, 2022

After 45 years in the compressed air industry and over 32 years with the Walker Filtration Group, President and General Manager, Richard P. Taylor, of Walker Filtration Inc. is retiring from his position on March 31st, 2022.

Richard’s start with the Walker Filtration Group began in Newcastle, England, where he was part of the senior management team. In this role at Walker Filtration Limited, he was responsible for domestic and international sales and marketing, as well as evaluating global prospects. For two years, he would serve as the General Manager of the Walker Filtration Australian office out of Melbourne, following the acquisition of the company formerly known as Filtermation.

After a further period in the United Kingdom, Richard would later relocate to the United States to help found the company’s American division, Walker Filtration Inc., in September of 2001. He permanently moved to the United States in April of 2002, where he would fulfill his role as President and General Manager.

His work at Walker Filtration Inc. has helped the division become the outstanding success that it is today. Under his guidance, the business has seen significant growth on all fronts, including employment rates, domestic and international sales, and global company recognition.

Steve Bittle, General Manager of Walker Filtration Group, notes that, “Richard has played a critical role in the Walker Filtration Group’s development and without question we owe him a debt of gratitude for that and the success he has spearheaded in the UK, Australia and latterly in the USA.”

We are all extremely proud of the accomplishments and achievements Richard has fulfilled for himself and on behalf of the company throughout his robust career within the Walker Filtration Group. Although he will be retiring from his full-time position, Richard plans to remain active within the company. Post-retirement, he will assist as a business and acquisition consultant on behalf of Walker Filtration Group. We believe that Richard has brought an unmatched passion and expertise to his work over the years, and we anticipate that he will continue to do so as he transitions into his new role. Pending his retirement, Richard plans to pursue his personal interests, travel and spend more time with his wife Julie and their family.

Richard took the time to reflect on his experience over the years and moving forward:

Within the compressed air industry, I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world and have met so many incredible colleagues and friends throughout my career. I owe much of my success to the work that I was able to do with Walker Filtration, and I could not imagine where I would be without this company and its people. Although it is difficult to step away from my role as President, I believe that this next chapter is going to be just as valuable to my personal and career growth as the ones before.

To his colleagues, customers, coworkers, and employees: We thank you for the support that you have shown Richard over the years, and we know that this sentiment will continue as he moves into this new phase of his life and career.

The company held a staff celebration in honor of Richard’s retirement at the Walker Filtration Inc. office and distribution facility on Thursday, March 24th. He will be superseded by the new General Manager starting on April 1st, 2022.

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