A Guide to Oxygen Filtration

Posted on December 5th, 2022

Gain a basic understanding of oxygen filtration from the experts at Walker Filtration.

Oxygen systems require specialized filtration products that are manufactured using the utmost of care. While all compressed air systems come with some level of safety concerns, oxygen systems are one of the most dangerous. Even a small number of contaminants could cause catastrophic events. This guide to oxygen filtration gives an overview of oxygen filtration, where it is used, and why it is required.


How are Oxygen Filters Different from Standard Industrial Coalescing and Particulate Compressed Air Filters?

Like standard industrial filters, oxygen filters work by removing contaminants that are within your oxygen stream. However, standard industrial and oxygen filtration differ because oxygen filters are manufactured and cleaned to ensure no contamination or combustible materials enter your oxygen application.


What are the Risks Associated with Using Oxygen?

Increasing the oxygen concentration, even by a few percent, considerably increases the risk of combustion. Allowing contaminants to pass through your system can result in component malfunction and system failure. Because oxygen-enriched air is highly reactive, these contaminants can cause catastrophic events like fire ignitions and explosions.

Therefore, it is imperative all equipment used in the manufacture, distribution, and utilization of oxygen comply with applicable regulations and do not contain or introduce materials that could become combustible when in contact with the oxygen enriched gas and an ignition/heat source.

So, the use of filters that are designed specifically for use in oxygen-enriched environments is essential to protect the integrity and safety of your gas generation systems.


What Industries Use Oxygen Generation?

Oxygen generation is essential for consistent, dependable, and secure supplies of high-purity oxygen. Some of the applications include:

Laser Cutting

Oxygen is the standard active assist gas used for laser cutting of mild and carbon steels. High purity oxygen increases laser cutting speed, productivity, and quality. The quality of compressed air and oxygen used impacts the quality of the end product and the service life of the laser cutting machine.


A high level of oxygen is essential for fish in modern-day fish farming. Oxygen generators help maintain the level of oxygen within the water and reduce the number of bacteria and diseases – improving livestock yields, growth potential, and overall health.

Medical Oxygen

Oxygen generators provide life-saving medical-grade breathing oxygen for hospitals and clinics as a safe and reliable alternative to gas suppliers. Medical oxygen is an essential medicine in healthcare. It is crucial for treatments for patients, especially those with respiratory symptoms and low oxygen levels in the bloodstream.

Food & Beverage

The ambient air concentration of oxygen and ozone is key to the environmental and sustainable production in the food & beverage industry. Uses include sanitization of process equipment, food storage, and water bottling. Walker Filtration Alpha Series Oxygen Filters are made from high-quality, non-toxic, naturally inert raw materials and constituents in accordance with FDA requirements for food contact as per Code of Federal Regulation (CFR), Title 21.


Prolonged exposure to the dust and gases created in mines can lead to serious health issues. Mines use oxygen filters to eliminate carbon dioxide and methane gases and create a breathable atmosphere.

Wastewater Treatment

Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants use oxygen during the treatment process. Also known as the activated sludge process, pumping oxygen into the wastewater tank encourages the growth of bacteria and speeds up the bio-degradation process, which breaks down organic matter.

Pulp & Paper

In the manufacture of high-quality bleached pulp, oxygen is used in the bleaching process. New processes using oxygen rather than chlorine reduce water pollution and lower costs.


Beauty Clinics and Wellness Centers often use oxygen for several different applications and treatments to improve people’s wellness.


Medical Oxygen has multiple uses during and after surgical procedures, such as when administering aesthetics and ventilation.


Filtration in Oxygen Generation

Choosing the correct filtration products for use in oxygen applications is key to reducing the risk of contamination that could cause costly product spoilage, patient complications, or machine downtime and removing the risk of ignition in an oxygen-enriched environment.

Walker Filtration manufacturers high quality pre-and post-oxygen generator compressed air filters to provide flexible and reliable installations whatever your system setup and end application.

Learn more about our oxygen filtration products HERE or reach out to our sales team to discuss your specific application or project.

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