Walker Filtration specially design and manufacture a range of compressed air in-line filter and heater packages with unique features to ensure variable compressed air temperature control from 20°C (68°F) to 120°C (248°F). This product range is ideally suited for industrial or breathing air applications.

The compressed air line heater system uses an open wound heating coil and a high accuracy output temperature sensing device. This combination of fast responding heater and sensor allows the unit to adjust quickly to any variations in flow rate or line pressure, without deviation in the output temperature.

The heater is controlled by a compact solid state temperature controller mounted on top of the unit. The temperature is set using a rotary knob located at the top of the unit. The exact temperature output is indicated by a bi-metallic thermometer clearly visible at the front of the heater, providing an independent indication of controller operation.

Heaters can also be supplied, directly mounted to Walker Filtration pre-filters to ensure that process air is clean.

For further product information on compressed air filter and heater packages please click here to view the product data sheet.


Technical Specification
Model Pipe Size Flow
Nm³/hr SCFM
A39BH 3/8" 47 27
A39TH 3/8" 47 27
A39FH 3/8" 47 27
A39FTH 3/8" 47 27
A55BH 1/2" 92 54
A55FH 1/2" 92 54
A55TH 1/2" 92 54
A55FTH 1/2" 92 54